corporate design exhibition graphic medal monument private trophy

Een spectaculaire reconstructie

Gereconstrueerde timpanen voor het Rijksmuseum

Symbool voor Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit (NZa)

Het symbool, een sculptuur en een gedicht voor de NZa

De Recreanten

Reconstructie van een beeldengroep

Judith ring


Boek Universiteit Utrecht

Boek Universiteit midden in de maatschappij

App Universiteit Utrecht

UU Landmarks app voor iOS en Android

Rhima 50 jaar sculptuur

Sculptuur voor het vijftigjarig bestaan van Rhima

Beelden en achtergrond H. Antonius Abt kerk te Scheveningen

Restauratie zeven beelden en achtergrond H. Antonius Abt kerk te Scheveningen

Ring Schöneberger

De ring in de vorm van een sleutelring is gemaakt van goud en twee groene diamanten.

Museum Beelden aan Zee

Voor museum Beelden aan Zee hebben wij 12 portretten uit de collectie omgezet naar een 3D-presentatie


Colliers van goud en zilver

Triton replica Castle Huis Bergh

Replica of a lead Triton sculpture for the fountain of Huis Bergh

MRK Uden

Concept voor expositieruimte

Ring Monique Ernest

Gouden ring

Zilver Tentoonstelling

Tentoonstelling zilverkunst in Nederland - Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Cast of the lion

Replica voor Bordesholm, Duitsland

Objecten in 3D

Kunstobjecten voor 3D presentaties door Atelier Willem Noyons gedigitaliseerd voor verschillende musea.

HKU sculptuur


Casper and Anna wedding rings

A new concept for an ancient object

SiA RAAK-award 2015

Prijs voor een hogeschoolproject

Zilveren schaal

‘Floating fruit, chased silver’

Zilveren schaal op sokkel

Zilver en Naamse steen

Silver bracelet, 1990

Bracelet silver, 1990

Pepper and saltcellars

Pepper and salt cellars, 1989

Coffee Service Ottow

925 silver, glass, rubber

This is the aPot

The aPot is a modern version of the medieval “poor-pot”.

Chamber of Commerce trophy

Trophy entrepreneur award Central-Netherlands 2010


The Dom and the peace

Medal Dutch Society for Neurosurgery

Bronze medal | Design 2012


Landelijk Platform Beroepen in het Onderwijs


Huisstijl voor Jurriëns

Replica moose antlers Rijksmuseum

Commissioned by Musée de la Cour d’Or in Metz


The Euro-exchanger, an exchange tool in the shape of a coin with a rotating ring.

Euro-X-Changer App

Commemorate the future with a digital calculator


Timecapsule for Utrecht University

Replica temple guards Rijksmuseum

Replica of epoxy resin, hand patinated

Book Recht te Voet

Collected works about our constitutional democracy with cultural and historical aspects of Utrecht.

Water karaf

Water was the source of inspiration for this carafe.

14 Different Orange Vases

The Alexander and Maxima Vase (2002), the Alexia Vase (2005)

King's vase

Orange vase | Design 2013

Spring Vase 2014

Reissue of the spring vase by architect K.P.C. de Bazel from 1920

Lighting Utrecht City Theater

The City Theather in Utrecht is a beautiful design by Dudok

The silver ratio

Silver cutlery, 168 piece | design 2010

Alphabet in Stone, Dom Hans van der Laan

Digitizing the alphabet in stone

Waternet carafe and glass

Carafe and glass design for Waternet

Replica Amor Menaçant Rijksmuseum

Replica of epoxy resin, hand patinated

Summer medal 2010

Brass medal | design 2010

Mantelpiece Piranesi

The last picture is the original (133 x 193 cm), the other pictures are of the replica.

UMCU New Medal

The object is 3D printed, cast in bronze and matte nickel-plated

Oration medal UMCU

An abstract representation of the amphitheater and the speaking platform

HU medal of honor

Glass object and silver with diamond brooche and pendant, 2009

Penning Nederlandse Bachvereniging

Brass medal | design 2014

Dirkzwager-Assink Foundation

Design for the Dirkzwager-Assink award

Pendant for four diamonds

Gold pendant with four moving diamonds set in gold


Photoframe designed for own production.


Porcelain, diameter 45 cm

Herring dish

Porcelain and glass, length 22 cm, 2005

Bronze seeds

Commissioned by The Ruiter Seeds

Watch 125th jubilee Nefkens

Stainless steel, glass, leather or rubber band, 26 to 37 mm diameter, 2003

Sculpture brainfoundation

Bronze, stone, 2003

Sculptures and reliefs for Welgelegen Pavilion, Haarlem

New techniques and old sculptures: the reproduction of the sculptures of Pavilion Welgelegen

St. Janskerk Utrecht Interior

Vormgeving van diverse liturgische elementen

Coin of the City of Vianen

2006, Ebony, Silver, etched and gilded Bronze.

Rhima 50 years

Design 2015 | Glass

Peter Vos Euro-medal

Design for a Euro-medal by Peter Vos from 2000

Versatile Vase

Glass, Height 35 cm, 1993

Ring Judith

Ring of gold and silver with a tourmalin, 2006


Reconstruction of the statue of Minerva for House Koekkoek in Kleve, Germany

Book for Utrecht University

Book "Universiteit midden in de maatschappij"

App for Utrecht University

UU Landmarks app for iOS and Android


Designed for the Association of the art of coins in 1992

Replicas museumshop of The Rijksmuseum

Replicas using 3D scanning and printing technology

Interior Pilgrimage Church Badhoevedorp

Choir with table, font and lectern

Medal oral surgery

Medal Dutch association for oral diseases, jaw and facial surgery

Sculptures Badoux Printing

Three glass sculptures, placed in the hall at the opening of the new building in 2010

Olive, melon, tomato and cucumber dish

2003-2006, porcelain and crystal

Utrechts landscape object

This object has been designed in 2008 in commision of the foundation The Utrecht Landscape

Carafe and glasses

1995, Glas, Carafe 22 cm height, with glasses of 84 mm height

Water carafe

This carafe was designed for the organization Waternet

In Gebruik

Fototentoonstelling met objecten van Willem Noyons

Water carafe and glass Vianen

Water carafe and glass, corporate gift for Vianen Municipality


Silver and Rubber

Heroes of North-Holland

Medal for heroes of the province of North-Holland

Princess Ring

Ring, gold with diamond

De Ruiter Seeds Tomato

Polyester, 2006

Cucumber De Ruiter Seeds

Commissioned by De Ruiter Seeds

Cake bell

Porcelain and glass, diameter 22 cm

UMCU present

Three objects

Ring of Nelly Heijmans

Ring in 18krt. gold and sapphire

Exhibition wall Vianen

Stedelijk Museum Vianen

Sun sculpture

Sun sculpture in glass and gold, in two sizes

Necklace Judith

Aquamarine and gold

The SIA RAAK-award 2015

Prijs voor een hogeschoolproject

Teacher of the year trophy HvA

Crystal sculpture

Candlesticks Domkerk Utrecht

Designed for the Dom Church in Utrecht

Saltcellar UMCU

Glass, height 13cm

Sarka Ring

Gold and aquamarin

Monument Annekee van Blokland

Monument for theatermaker and friend Annekee van Blokland

Chains of office

Chains of office for the municipalities of Vianen and Middelharnis

Sundial Notarial Foundation

Sundial Notarial Foundation Amsterdam


2006 Art Object of the Year (Nationaal Glassmuseum Leerdam)

Ring with tourmalin

Ring, gold with two tourmalines

KNSA Medal

Commending medal

Medal churches of Utrecht

Bronze and coromandelwood

Antaris coin of honour

Antaris, bronze and silver medal, with brochure and packaging

The Jan Noyons Book and Exhibition

Overview of the works of Gold- and Silversmith Jan Noyons

Minerva dome Middelburg

Minerva reconstruction for Ter Hooge estate

Summer Medal 2011

Bronze medal | Design 2011

Honorary medal lecturers HvA

Honorary medal lecturers HvA

Toy-boat WKZ

Boat for the openening of the Wilhelmina children's hospital

Monument academy building Utrecht

Monument for the student resistance during the Second World War

Calvados karaf

Glass, height: 20cm

Vase and Candleholder

Glass, height 30 cm

Wine carafe

Glass, height 21 cm

Medal Neuroscience

Bronze, Coromandel and Crystal

Exhibition Pieces of Cake

Glass, Ø 22cm, 30 different glass cakes

Waved glass dish

Waved glass dish 45 cm, fusing technique, float glass

Amphia Candledish

Multifunctional dish and candleholder

Art rental Utrecht

Table displays for the art rental in Utrecht

Glass tower

Glass, 2,5 m high

Party vase

Glass, 35 cm height

Three-footed dish

Glas, 1,50m. hoog

Kolfspel trophy

Trophy for the St. Eloyen Gasthuis in Utrecht

HU Lecturers Chain

Silver and cotton, 60 x 60mm

Replica and book of Johan de Witt

Copy in synthetic material

Innovation trophy HBO-council

Stone and glass, 30 cm height

Tulip vase

Glass, 30 cm per level

Von Freiburg Coin

Von Freiburg Coin, sterling silver

VOC-vessel Statenjacht de Utrecht

Communication materials, logo, medal

Rabobank trophy

Rock-crystal and granite

Glazen schaal Kromme Rijn Utrecht

Glazen schaal Gemeente Utrecht


Glass, diameter 24 cm

Exhibition Brno

Exhibition Brno, Czech Republic


1920, Springflowervase K.P.C. de Bazel

Sporttalent Utrecht

Cobalt and clear glass

Restauration Monstrans

Zeist, Gilded silver and diamond

UMCU vase

Four vases with coloured globe

Silver chalices

Sodalite gemstone and sterling silver

Booklet the Icebird

Publication of the Province of Utrecht


1e gehalte zilver, brochure en verpakking

Rubber vase

Rubber vase in a variety of colours

Memorial wall Janskerk

A memorial wall for the Ecumenical Utrecht Student Community in the Janskerk